Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Last day in Maui

We started the day driving to Hana. The hana highway is known for its exotic beauty. I wanted to find a waterfall/pool so badly, but all we found were small and muddy ones. However, the view was amazing. It was about an hour and a half drive/2 hour to Hana. We can tell that the wind was picking up so we called Fadhly's buddy Phil back in Kahului. He told us that the wind was already blowing 16 knots. So we drove back. When we arrived on the beach, it was already 2pm.

I went out on a 9m, the water was choppy and I rode in the wrong direction and went far. Next thing I knew, I crashed right in the middle of a large area of reef. I lost my board and realized where I was. The reef was cutting my skin up a bit. My knee was hurting, I knew I had to get out of there. I bodydragged myself and left the board where it was. I couldnt even drag my self out of the reef because the reef was so close to the surface of the water.

Thank goodness FAdhly came to my rescue. He grabbed my board and passed it to me. I rode back onto the beach and set my kite down to check my body. Good thing only my knee was scraped. It wasn't that bad. Thinking that this was my last day on Maui on this trip. I decided to go out again because I was on the water for only 15 min.

It was gusty. The gust was at one point 25 knots. But the strong wind and gust made it easier to jump. I managed to jump a foot/ a foot and a half off the water!

I kept trying. Timing is so tricky. I wiped out a few times, but it's all good =)

I am so tired but content now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My first Jump

This picture was taken at the Four Seasons in Wailea, Maui. We had dinner there last night. The Lychee martini was yummy. Anyway. a few days ago, I managed to get my first jump. Pathetically, it was only about an inch or two from the water. The point is, I did it, and will keep working on it. The vacation is coming to an end, the wind is not looking good. The forecast was looking great until yesterday. I hope I get to kite today. I need my "fix".

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kiting in Maui

I had a great day kiting today.

After breakfast today, I felt an itch on my elbow, then I saw small bumps on two other joints. I knew something is wrong, but I wasn't sure. I took an benadryl and went kiting.

The wind was howling when we got there to naish beach today. We didnt go to kite beach because the launch area there is tricky, it was hard for me to launch (not a problem for Fadhly, of course). Many women bigger than my size were on 8m. Since the 6m I borrowed from Priscilla from SF was getting fixed (leaking bladder), I had to take out the 9m tribal. I was worried at first that I may be over powered.

I depowered the 9m and went out. It was perfect! I rode for an hour and a half straight. I became much more confortable, and so I rode on my toeside too. There were alot of waves, so I had a few "wave jumps". Those are fun, but can be harsh on the knees (even when I bend them).

I decided to come back to shore and take a break. As soon as I took off my harness, I felt an itch. I took off my rash guards and I had rash/bumps everywhere.

I asked Fadhly to take me to the ER. Turns out that all I had to do was to continue taking benadryl.

After seeing the doctor, we went back to the beach and had another awesome 1 1/2 hr session. It was a great day.

oh yeah, since there was no wind yesterday, we visited the coean center, the fish there were soooo beautiful.

Friday, November 17, 2006

1st day in Maui

I arrived in Maui today with Fadhly for a kiting vacation. Two days ago, I found out that I had passed the bar. Perhaps it was the anxiety and stress that had built up in me, but something made me really sick that night. I puked twice, had cold sweats, and excrutiating pain in my stomach. Thank god I felt a bit better before I flew today.

I had forgotten what Hawaii was like. I can't believed I used to live in Hawaii. The weather here is warm and humid -- feels like home.

After Fadhly and I had settled into a studio in the Sprecklesville Beach Estate, we grabbed something quick to eat because the wind was blowing! It must have been 20+ knots. It felt so good to eat again.

Then Fadhly helped me setup the 6m Fone (tribal) and watched me to make sure that I don't go out there in a new environment to kill myself. I had trouble with the kite. I am sooo not used to hybrid kite. I also wasn't going downwind enough before I carve upwind. I did get up and ride for a few minutes..but most of the time I was having trouble even staying on the water. Well, at least I didnt have to get other people to help me with my board the first day!

Hopefully tomorrow I will adjust better to the kite.

p.s. I already have some injuries, two cuts on my big toe, but they are small...

Bar Exam Result

I passed! WOO-Hoooooo!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Knitting classes

Yep, I have picked up knitting. After moving back to California, since I am "freelancing", I decided to learn how to knit. My first project is to make a tote bag that is felted. almost done with the two sides of the bag and still have to sew the bottom and make the handles. Knitting is not very easy, in other words, I am quite retarded when it comes to knitting. But, it's getting better!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

awesome session

I had a hellish day today. Exhausted. I was out in downtown san francisco until 230am, got home at 3am. Had to wake up at 11 to go to the bank. After lunch with my aunt (who is really sick, high fever and more), I cooked curry chicken for the family for dinner.

My aunt was basically non-functional. So after cooking I drove to Millbrae to pick up my cousin Joe and his friend Johnathan. I changed into my swimsuit at my aunt's place, took Johnathan home, and then went straight to 3rd ave. I was soo sleepy.

But of course, I was all better once I got to 3rd ave. A few kiters were on the water already. I rigged up my kite and went out with my 9m. It was light wind again. But I stayed upwinds for a really long time until the wind died down on me, so I figured that I should come back. My kite could no longer carry around.

Not only did I not lose my board, I was able to stay upwinds, really edging to both left and right side, turning my body. I was really happy with my progress. It really hit the sweet spot when I made the smoothest change of direction. Hehe, I felt like an experienced kiter for once.

After my session, two kiters came up to me and complimented my progress. I was glad =)

Anyway, after kiting, I had to be a chauffer for my cousins, taking them to music lessons. I still have to go pick up the one more kid.

I am sooo tired